Mission Statement

Our purpose is to improve student education by providing solutions and unbiased data to support effective communication, decision making and financial responsibility within the Alpine School District.

  • Work as an advocate and watchdog group for the students in the Alpine School District. Focus on and work to improve the students’ educational experience and protect the quality education for our children.
  • Support the Alpine teachers, administrators, employees and parents, and work to engage parents and the community to come together for the children of Alpine.
  • Facilitate productive communication between teachers, administration and parents about the Alpine School District to achieve our shared goals.
  • Provide a source of unbiased, honest and credible fact-based information supported by data for all parties to examine. Provide information that will define us as a source of trust, fairness, sensitivity and integrity.
  • Support efforts that will help the district achieve and maintain fiscal stability. Work to cut costs and raise revenue as well as to maintain competitive and fair compensation for teachers, administration, and staff. Continue to work to attract and retain the highest quality teaching staff.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead

One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. Wow! Someone’s done their homework here. I appreciate your unbiased perspective and the amount of work that has gone into the data collected. Nobody benefits until this issue is resolved. It appears to be a clear function of decreased enrollment that has created these budget issues. The strike by the teachers union and all the publicity that has followed will only make this situation worse. Your group needs to be at the negotiating table.

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